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103 Shearer Lane
P.O. Box 151
Toppenish, WA. 98948
Phone: (509) 865-5121 Ext. 6800
Fax: (509) 865-6869

June Adams, Program Manager
Ext. 6807

Laretta Smiscon, Social Worker Supervisor
Ext. 6805

Monique George, Foster Care Licensor
Ext. 6814
Doris Peter, Office Assistant V
Ext. 6801

Tess French, OAII
Tamera Gardee, Bookkeeper IV
Ext. 6823

Rhiannon Bill, Social Worker II
Ext. 6809
Eugenia Whiteshirt, Social Worker II
Ext. 6804

Robert Gunnier, Social Worker II
Ext. 6820
Andrea (Fowler)French, Social Worker II

Cassey Aranda, Social Worker II
Ext. 6802

Josephine Alvarado, Social Worker II
Ext. 6814

Michael Thompson, Social Worker I
Ext. 6821
Lucy Brown, Social Worker II
Ext. 6806

Carolyn Strong, Social Worker I
Ext. 6822
Laura Day, Social Worker I
Ext. 6803

Mission Statement

The mission of the NNWS Program is the prevention of the disintegration of its Indian Families through early intervention and remediation services.
When Yakama Children are removed from their customary homes, the NNWS Program Follows established Yakama Nation procedures and services that will assure child custody proceedings reflect the unique values, customs, and laws of Yakama Nation.
The NNWS Program assists other governmental agencies, attorneys, courts, and interested parties comply with the unique values, customs, and laws of the Yakama Nation.

Child Welfare/Case Management

Nak-Nu-We-Sha case manages tribal foster children. These tasks include, but are not limited to: accessing services for the child, family and placement resources, coordinating and providing transportation for the child, coordinating visitation with the child's birth or adoptive family, attending staff/meetings, case monitoring, working with school districts and other service providers. Case management under the Yakama Nation are provided with tribal custom and practices.

Kinship/Family Preservation

Kinship services assist kinship caregivers with accessing service and resources before situations become crises.
Family Preservation is the movement to help keep children at home with their families rather than in foster homes or institutions by providing therapeutic intervention to strengthen and empower the family.

Foster Care Licensing

Foster care is a temporary living situation for children and youth who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, and the death of their caregivers. The Nak-Nu-We-Sha Department licenses "foster parents" to regularly provide care on a twenty-four hour basis to one or more children in the person's home.

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