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Tribal News & Events

What's Happening This Month

Yakama Nation CASA Program
Is seeking community members that have strong writing skills, organized, dependable
and passionate about ensuring the future of the community.
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Family & Friends in Recovery
Days: Monday-Friday 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Community Center, 617 Larena Lane, Wapato, WA, 98951
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Provisional YNCCDF Grant Application
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Yakama Nation Heritage Theater Now Showing December 6, 2019

Movie Length: 1HR 58MIN
Call 24/7 for movie and time(s): (509)865-2800
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Senior Movies for December
YN AAOA will be sponsoring Senior Movies at the Yakima Cinema, at 1305 N. 16th Avenue,
Yakima, WA. First Come First Serve.
Sign in at Yakima Cinema from 5:00PM to 6:15PM to receive admission ticket and snack voucher.
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Yakama Nation Heritage Theater
As of June 1, 2019
The Final Showing Every Day Is Reserved For Patrons Age 12 And Older.
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Catholic Charities Volunteer Services
Do You Enjoy Helping Others?
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Save The Date
Yakama Nation Treaty Day Parade & Cultural Center Anniversary
June 7, 2019
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Latest News

Yakama Nation Language April 2019 Calendar
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Wak'ishwi November 2019 Calendar
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Yakama Business Training & Technology Center December 2019 Calendar
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Resolution T-057-18 Press Release
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Yakama Nation Climate Adaptation Plan Version 1
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CDC's Latest Addition To Its Public Health Practice Stories From The Field
Describes How Pharmacists On The Yakama Nation Reservation In Washington Are Helping Improve The Health Of Patients With Diabetes.
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Yakama Nation Travel Summer Newsletter 2018
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Upcoming Events

Yakama Nation Tribal Child Care & Development Fund Eligibility Levels Income Guideline
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Public Service Announcement
The Yakama Nation Revenue Allocation Plan (RAP) Program Is Notifying All Yakama Enrolled Members Who Are Full-Time Students Or Parents Of Students Of The Next School Proof Due Dates.

Submission Dates:

Funding "Quarter Dates" Due Dates - School Proof Full-Time Student
Check Release Dates (CRD)
Quarter 1 Oct. - Dec. 2018 December 10 - 14, 2018 December 28, 2018
Late CRD Jan 11 & 25, 2019 And
February 9, 2018
Quarter 2 Jan. - Mar. 2019 March 8 - 14, 2019 March 30, 2019
Late CRD April 12 & 26, 2019 And
May 10, 2019
Quarter 3 April - June 2019 June 10 - 14, 2019 July 13, 2019;
Late CRD July 26, 2019 And
August 9 & 23, 2019
Quarter 4 July - Sept. 2019 September 9 - 14, 2019 September 28, 2019
Late CRD October 11 & 25, 2019 And
November 8, 2019

School proof for Student Pre-school through 12th grade and GED requirements are as follows:
1. Pre-school only- be 3 years of age for the three month funding quarter applying for.
2. School proof will be attendance for each month of the quarter applying for.
3. Attendance must contain the school name, the student's name, grade level and attendance activity dates for the quarter applying for.
4. Attendance be printed within the quarterly due dates listed above; school proof submission after the due dates will be on a late check release (CRD) schedule listed above.
5. School proof must have the student's Yakama Nation Tribal member enrollment number written on the school proof.
6. Changes to the full-time student application will require an updated application.

School proof for Higher Education Students are required to have the following:
1. Be full-time according to the school's full-time credit policy.
2. Submit quarter or semester credits and grades for the above funding quarter dates.
3. School proof must contain the name of the school, the student's name, dates of quarter or semester, credits and grades.
4. School proof be printed within the quarterly due listed above or when grades are available.
5. School proof must have the student's Yakama Nation Tribal member enrollment number written on the school proof.
6. Changes to the full-time student application will require an updated application.

New or returning students:
Complete The Full-Time Students checklist and application on the Yakama Nation Website At www.yakamanation-nsn.gov forms are available in the RAP Office or by email request to fts_rap@yakama.com

How to submit school proof and updates:
They Can Be Mailed Or Delivered To The RAP Office.
RAP Office
401 Fort Road, PO BOX 151
Toppenish, WA 98948
They can also be emailed to: fts_rap@yakama.com
They can also be faxed to: (509)865-2331
Notification will be sent out for all ineligible participants or incomplete information by postcard. For all other inquiries please call (509)865-5121 Ext. 4419.